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MiniM Additional Tools | Nov 26, 2016

MiniM InterConnect

Download MiniM InterConnect
Documentation in one PDF file

MiniM Interconnect is a TCP/IP layer to connect two jobs of different MUMPS servers in a client-server mode.

Interconnect works in a client-server mode, when one process on one side calls second process on a other side and both processes are on different MUMPS servers. MUMPS servers can be MiniM, Cache or GT.M in any pairs, any versions and on any supported by vendors operating systems.

Both sides are implemented as MUMPS routines, with need vendor-specific code to use custom InterConnect protocol over TCP/IP network connection.

MiniM InterConnect was based on the MiniM Server Connect protocol and after porting one to other MUMPS systems is a usable tool to connect two MUMPS servers. MUMPS servers can have owned protocols to implement server-server connection. GT.M implements OMI, Cache implements ECP, and MiniM now does not has custom distributed connection protocol. MiniM InterConnect is a vendor-independent protocol to connect different MUMPS servers.

This tool can be ported to any other MUMPS system with support of TCP/IP devices.

To setup MiniM InterConnect administrator imports with compilation need side of protocol - server, client or both and make settings of TCP/IP port where server side should wait incoming connections. This port and address of this server need to be used in connecion code on the client side. By default, MiniM InterConnect uses ports 5000 for MiniM, 5001 for Cache and 5002 for GT.M. Different ports are used to allow servers to work on the same computer.

MiniM InterConnect can connect not only different MUMPS servers but also servers of one vendor, and with different versions: MiniM to MiniM, GT.M to GT.M or Cache to Cache. For example, connect Cache with ECP and Cache without ECP support.

Application Programming Interface of MiniM InterConnect consists not of direct global access, it is client-server protocol, where client side evaluates expressions on the server, executes line of commands and gets data by different modes. So developers can use any server-side specific functions and commands and call subroutines on the server in full-functional client-server mode.

On the server side MiniM InterConnect runs one MUMPS job to each connection and client side can be connected to different servers at the same time. Administrators should know about process usage on the server - each connection use one job and plus one job is used by the MiniM InterConnect daemon.

Server side of MiniM InterConnect is the same as used by MiniM Client Tools, Cache Tools and GT.M Tools from, so if this tools already in use, server side of MiniM InterConnect already is ready to use.

MiniM InterConnect have not special requirements to operating system, processor or bitness of processor, becouse was written on the MUMPS.

Download MiniM InterConnect
Documentation in one PDF file

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