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MiniM Knowledge Base | Mar 13, 2011

MiniM Frequently Asked Questions

MiniM FAQ is a compilation of questions from Latvia, Russia, Germany, USA, Brasil, Ukraine and UK. Hope, internal MiniM documentation, MiniM Knowledge Base and Additional Tools can help to you. Send your questions to MiniM Support.

What is a MiniM database size limit?

MiniM datafiles uses 63-bit internal addressing, so MiniM servers can handle thousands of gigabytes in single database, databases can be splitted to any number of extents, extents can be placed in any hard drives.

Does MiniM support datafile encryption?

Now datafile encryption does not implemented.

How to access MiniM from Delphi?

MiniM comes with the MiniM Server Connect library and contains subdirectory /minimsc/delphi with Delphi examples. Examples are console applications for 8-bit Delphi.

How to access MiniM from PHP?

MiniM now have not original PHP connection, but can be used special PHP module from Sergey Kanatnikov. This module implements only one access method and module can be extended by PHP programmer to implement other minimsc functionality. See minimsc source code for MiniM in /minimsc/MiniM subdirectory of MiniM installation.

How to access MiniM from Java?

MiniM comes with special JNI library with thunks to minimsc.dll, see /minimsc/Java subdirectory of MiniM installation. This library comes with source code.

How to access MiniM from VB?

MiniM comes with ActiveX implementation of MiniM Server Connect. See example how to access MiniM from MS Excel and minimscx.dll installation tips.

How to access MiniM from C#?

MiniM comes with C# examples to access MiniM, see /minimsc/C# subdirectory of MiniM installation.

How to connect SSH client to MiniM?

MiniM does not implement own SSH support so SSH connections must be implemented with external SSH tools, see example how to setup SSH connection for MiniM (RUS).

How to access external HTTPS server?

MiniM server can be extended by externally defined devices with special data processing, see example how to create ZSSL device to access external HTTPS servers (RUS).

What adds MiniM to the standard MUMPS?

MiniM implements special extended system functions, commands, command extensions and operators, see article MiniM Language Changes Related to MDC.

What Windows versions are supported?

MiniM requires Windows 32 bit or Windows x64 with NT core and version WinNT4 or later. I have reports with successful MiniM running on Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and with different language settings.

Is there a 64-bit MiniM version?

Now MiniM has been ported to 64-bit version in x64 architecture, and to IA64 for Itanuims does not.

Is there a free MiniM version?

Default MiniM Database Server installation have free support of 3 processes and full functionality with no other limits.
MiniM Embedded Edition (MiniMono) is free.

How license limits the process usage?

License key adds paid process number to free 3 process.

How to take a testing key or trial version?

Send mail to MiniM Support and describe what license volume you want, for example 50, 100, 200. License key with three-four-five month expiration period will be generated and sent to you. No problem.

Does license key have an expiration period?

Test license keys have expiration period, and paid licenses don't have.

Is a "process" equivalent to a "user" in that a 12 process license would allow 12 users simultaneous access to an instance of a MiniM server?

MiniM license limits only total process number which can be run simultaneously. If one user run N processes, other users can run only other paid + 3 - N processes in total.

How many contiguous MUMPS jobs may a single licensed user have spawned?

Any process number up to paid + 3.

What is the difference between the free version and a 1 process licensed paid version?

Difference is 1 process.

Does the license price depend of the license volume?

License price is price for 1 process multiplied by process number and process price for one process does not depend of process number.

How to calculate required license volume for the MiniM Web Access application with unpredictable web user count?

Practice is the criterion of truth. Query test MiniM license key, setup in the mwa.ini limit of process pool for MWA and test your web application. If you decide process number is enought to serve application, your decision be a solution.

Also see MiniM license article.

How much does MiniM technical support?

MiniM technical support is free. Prepaid Priority Support per 1 year is available.

How much does MiniM version upgrade?

MiniM version upgrade is free, license can be used with later MiniM version.

How to buy MiniM license online?

Click to How to Buy, select license volume, preferred paid method and follow instructions from online shop.

Can I develop a commercial application without bying the license of MiniM?

Yes. However, developers will feel more comfortable with a large number of server processes.

Eugene Karataev

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