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MiniM Knowledge Base | Feb 3, 2019

About MiniM Usage

MUMPS developers asked me about MiniM usage. Ok, I sent requests to all I know, who wrote to MiniM support and lets to write about how MiniM used.

Gennady Mokhov (

I work in the organization providing training and certification services. I use the MiniM server for Linux 64. It contains a database of information about students, collections of exams (questions) and results. The server calculates (generates) a set of questions using several algorithms.

The server has no client side. CGI programs communicate with it using the standard server connection library. The CGI modules themselves are written in D. Their task is to create requests and send them to the MiniM server, as well as receive answers. If the server is busy, the CGI module waits for a random number of milliseconds and retries, until the server processes the request.

Administration and programming of the server is carried out through my utility MIDE5 (written in D). It connects simultaneously to one remote database (server) and one local (MiniMono). It has several consoles and editors of routs (windows), which makes it easy to write and debug programs and edit globals.

Carlos Abreu (

Currently I have been testing with the MiniM-DB platform starting the migration of some systems that are currently running on the Mumps MSM Micronects and the Mumps DTM-Data Tree.

I found the MiniM a Very Elegant, Simple, and Lean platform (Without too many nonsense) I'm really enjoying the Environment however, I'm encountering some difficulties during the migration due to lack of some commands and / or specific functions of the other Mumps implementations.

I'd like to suggest setting up a discussion group, a forum where developers or those interested in your Mumps platform can exchange ideas and discussions.

John Stone (

Currently I am in a proving MiniM it will work for my clients stage. My clients are in Healthcare and require robust systems. Currently using Cache which is extremely robust.

I am reasonably impressed so far with MiniM with a few minor issues, but I have only converted some screens and utility type stuff. My clients use CHUI screens, some CSP and also Kbase so I am trying to work out how best to move them to MiniM.

My driver for this is because Intersystems wishes to charge several of my clients for new licensing for change of architecture going from 32 to 64 bit Windows, your license costs are substantial less. Intersystems also wish us to increase license count as new cache versions restrict the "free" process count.

I think your company may have a giant opportunity at this time as I know other companies are in similar position as the Windows deadline of supporting 32 bit servers ends early next year, and Intersystems is holding those clients hostage.

You do need to some improvements to fully attract clients; support shadowing, have better migrations tools, an English only Website with documentation only shown in English.

You also need to get your name better known in the English M community not sure how to do that other via comp.lang.mumps, did you announce your latest release for instance?

Eugene Karataev

Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
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