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MiniM Getting Started Guide

Installation on Windows
Installation on Linux / FreeBSD
Installation on Mac OSX
Routine Editor, Global Editor and Control Center
How to Create and Compile a Routine
Hello, World!
Running a Routine
Debugging a Routine
How to Export and Import Routines
Development and Deploying of Matrix

Running a Routine

Before running routine developer should select the method to run. Currently MiniM Database Server offers to run by the following ways: MiniM Console and Telnet clients.

MiniM Console

This is direct MiniM process on the same computer where MiniM Database Server was run. This process works in the server context as such as any other MiniM processes.

In Windows MiniM console can be run from the tray many of MiniM Controller, in Linux from the MiniM Launcher, or by direct call from console or batch script.

Running MiniM Console in Windows:

Running MiniM Console in Linux:

Of course, before running console, this MiniM Database Server instance must be run.

MiniM process can be run in console mode and handle key sequences or in standard mode (with the -std option) with only input and output. Process automatically detects console mode and swithes principal device.

After running in console mode MiniM process handle input characters and escape sequences as such as ordinal console-oriented application. Previously entered line can be bring up by pressing Up key, and next entered line (if exists in enter stack) by pressing Down key.

In console mode line can be edited with handling Left and Right keys and with Home and End keys (if operating system settings allow this). In Linux may require special settings in Linux terminal to miss correct key codes.

MiniM Console in Windows:

MiniM Console in Linux:

In console mode developers or administrators enter lines of commands to execute MUMPS code.


Any telnet client can be used to connect to MiniM Database server. To enable this, enable in the server settings running of telnet handling and specify TCP/IP port.

Default MiniM installation contains running of builtin Windows telnet client:

If you change default TCP/IP port of builtin MiniM telnet server, make correct changes in the minimti.ini file:

Run Telnet Client = telnet localhost 23
Run MiniM Console = minim.exe
MiniM Global Editor = minimge.exe
MiniM Routine Editor = minimre.exe
MiniM Control Center = minimcc.exe

In Windows telnet client connected to MiniM Database Server looks like this:

Irlex telnet client for Windows connected to MiniM Database Server looks like this:

Tera Term telnet client for Windows connected to MiniM Database Server looks like this:

SSH software can be used to, but as a separate product, for example, see SSH Authorization, (RUS). After setting up third-party SSH software SSH clients can be used too.

Telnet client can be run from any other computer including different operating system and even country.

MiniM Console and telnet are both main CHUI tools for developers and administrators to execute MUMPS commands. Some examples are:

Call subroutine:
do label^routinename(params)
Call function:
write $$label^routinename(params)
Set global value:
set ^globalname(indices)=expression
Evaluate and write expression value:
write expression

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