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MiniM Getting Started Guide

Installation on Windows
Installation on Linux / FreeBSD
Installation on Mac OSX
Routine Editor, Global Editor and Control Center
How to Create and Compile a Routine
Hello, World!
Running a Routine
Debugging a Routine
How to Export and Import Routines
Development and Deploying of Matrix

Hello, World!

Software developers has tradition to illustrate execution context of development environment by "Hello, world!" application. This application does nothing except output one string to the screen in viewable form and illustrates development steps.

Run MiniM Routine Editor and connect to MiniM Database Server.

Click File | New command from the main menu, new editor for routine source text will appear:

Click File | Save menu command to choose the name of new routine on the server:

This actions will create new empty routine on the server with name "helloworld" and with intermediate type INT:

Enter routine source code:

 w "Hello, world!",!

After changing routine source MiniM Routine Editor indicates that source code was changed:

Save routine by clicking File | Save menu command. This command updates source code of this routine on the server.

And, after this, routine can be compiled to executable bytecode:

After compilation this routine can be executed.

To illustrate this steps was used MiniM Routine Editor for Linux connected to MiniM Database Server for Windows.

Run from Windows tray popup menu of MiniM Controller and select running of MiniM Console:

Check that MiniM process was run in the same database where routine was created. In illustration routine was created in the "%SYS" database, but new MiniM process runs by default in the "USER" database. Change current database:

And run routine by entering execution command:

Routine ^helloworld in this example contains label "helloworld", so code can be run from the first line as shown above and from specified label:

This routine has only one subroutine labeled as "helloworld". After execution of line with the WRITE command this subroutine does nothing and simply quits.

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