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MiniM Getting Started Guide

Installation on Windows
Installation on Linux / FreeBSD
Installation on Mac OSX
Routine Editor, Global Editor and Control Center
How to Create and Compile a Routine
Hello, World!
Running a Routine
Debugging a Routine
How to Export and Import Routines
Development and Deploying of Matrix

Development and Deploying of Matrix

Here let us show step-by-step development operations for small application Matrix. First time we create it in Windows, export routine, eport in other (in Linux) MiniM server and run there.

Run MiniM Routine Editor. click command File | New and in new empty source text editor enter this routine text:

matrix ; k  d ^matrix w
 w *27,"[32;40m",*27,"[?25l",#
 n ch,i f  r *ch:0.15  q:ch'=-1  d
 . w *27,"[H",*27,"[1L" f i=1:1:80 w $s(i#4:" ",$r(8):$c($a("A")+$r(26)),1:" ")
 w *27,"[0m",#,*27,"[?25h" q

Or select this text from the browser, copy to clipboard and paste in routine editor.

Select command File | Save As and choose the name for this new routine:

After saving compile this routine by click command File | Compile Current:

After compilation this routine is ready to run in the MiniM Console:

After running of routine ^matrix it works and shows letters:

This simple application terminates on pressing any key when executed this code:

r *ch:0.15  q:ch'=-1

At the next step we select exporting of this routine by choosing File | Export | Export Routines:

And select this routine for export:

In file selection choose directory and file name to export to:

After this we must deliver generated file to directory accessibe from the other computer with Linux.

At the next step switch to target computer, run MiniM Launcher from main menu and start MiniM instance:

After running of MiniM instance run MiniM Routine Editor:

Select connection to MiniM on Linux and choose command File | Import | Import Routines:

and select directory and file has been exported:

After this MiniM Routine Editor offer to select what format has been used:

At next import step MiniM Routine Editor offer to select what routines from available in this file really need to be imported and compile or not this routines after import:

At the last step MiniM Routine Editor do real import of selected routines, compile them and shows report:

Next we run linux terminal and inside of them run telnet client:

Real telnet port handled by this MiniM instance was defined on installation, and can be seen in the minim.ini settings file.

Next, in MiniM job, run application:

d ^matrix

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