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MiniM Downloads | Oct 31, 2012

MiniM Database Server version 1.14 Release Notes

Fixed error with journaling of big transaction data flow.

Debugger now show mcode in addition to place of execution in stack window.

Indirection of GOTO and DO accepts only first allowable arguments and ignores others.

$STACK(0) now returns method of how process have been run.

Entirely rewritten stack states and $STACK() function.

Entirely rewritten $ETRAP error handling sequence.

Fixed error with decoding $HOROLOG value to date in $ZD function.

Fixed error with encoding date to $HOROLOG format in $ZDH function.

Adjusted .NET examples for MiniM Server Connect to work with minimsc.dll for Win x64.

Added minimsc.dll (MiniM Server Connect) for Win x64.

Fixed error with implicit x and y positions in console while escape sequences processed.

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